The rapidly evolving and dynamic livestock industry demands its participants to remain relevant over time. Failing to keep up with the pace of these changes inevitably leads to falling behind and eventual obsolescence. Medion has been a part of this industry for over four decades. With experience, a foundation of innovation, and a strong commitment, Medion continues to make significant contributions to the livestock world.


The evolving landscape of animal health requires precise approaches from companies to consistently provide appropriate health solutions. Medion employs an innovative approach by continually renewing knowledge, staying updated with the latest technologies, and ensuring ongoing implementation across all sectors. This innovative strategy has led to the successful development of various livestock health solutions, encompassing not only products but also services, supporting systems, and distribution. The fruits of Medion’s innovation have garnered diverse accomplishments and recognition, notably exemplified by the Mediherba product line.

Through the Mediherba product range, Medion has earned the BBPMSOH Award for its contributions as a domestic producer of herbal-based veterinary medicines. Additionally, Medion has received the Indo Livestock Innovation Award 2023 for its Fasbro product, which utilizes herbal plants to enhance chicken performance and meat quality. These accolades stand as tangible evidence of successful innovation supported by knowledge, technology, and a proficient team.


Beyond products, Medion has also innovated its product distribution system through Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) technology. AIDC technology enables comprehensive tracing and retrieval of vaccine production history, end-to-end, starting from the production stage. This results in faster, simpler, and more accurate supervision and distribution processes, enhancing data identification and product history.

Medion’s services have also evolved through innovation. Despite challenges posed by the 2020-2022 pandemic, regularly conducted educational programs have continued to enhance farmers’ knowledge and skills. Innovation was manifested by shifting the previously on-site educational programs to an online platform via an application. Medion’s dedication and commitment to educating farmers received appreciation from various quarters, leading to collaborative program development. As a result, a larger audience now benefits from Medion’s educational initiatives.



The implementation of innovation across every business sector stands as tangible evidence of Medion’s efforts to provide comprehensive and holistic animal health solutions. These endeavours are supported by unwavering dedication and commitment from all stakeholders, allowing Medion to thrive and maintain trust. The complete product range, quality services, extensive distribution reach, and adherence to globally recognized quality standards represent additional value that Medion consistently strives to provide for both domestic and international farmers.

Innovative and Holistic: Medion’s Contributions to the Livestock Industry

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