How to deal with disease problems in chickens without chemical

Surya Bintang Sejati Kudus Farm is a broiler farm located in Kudus, Central Java. Initiated in 2014, Surya Bintang Sejati Kudus Farm continues to grow and now has reached a hundreds of thousands population. Sugito, the owner of the farm, said that it started as a fad and he realized that the broiler farming business had quite good prospects. “From there I became increasingly interested and to this day I am still involved in doing business in the world of animal husbandry,” he explained.

This man, who is often called Gito, said he was very challenged to continue developing his farm to be better in the future. Initially, Gito admitted that he still didn’t understand proper management of animal husbandry in cages, especially since his background was not from animal husbandry. However, after frequent discussions and sharing information with the Medion field team, he began to gain enlightenment. Gito started building new management on his farm to improve more optimal chickens performance.

During the 6 years of farming, Surya Bintang Sejati Kudus Farm is not exempted form challenges. One of them is coccidiosis, “Since the ban on the use of AGP (Antibiotic Growth Promoter) at the beginning of 2018, my farm often get coccidiosis,” he said.

Gito suspected that coccidiosis was caused by damp cage. “Usually, if the cage is wet and circulation is not good, this disease tends to appear during the rainy season. However, currently the escalation of diseases is challenging to anticipate owing to unpredictable seasonal variations,” he explained.

Mainstay Herbal Products

Since the ban on the use of AGP, Gito has always tried various ways to overcome the problem of disease in his farm without chemical medicines. Before knowing Medion’s herbal products, he used his own concoction of herbal ingredients which he mixed and gave to the chickens. After learning that Medion has FITHERA, Gito immediately switched to this product. FITHERA is an herbal product produced by Medion in liquid form, formulated to treat bacterial infections such as Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Coryza, Colibacillosis, and coccidiosis on poultry. This product is safe for application on poultry and is formulated to leave no residue in livestock products.

Gito has been using FITHERA products for a year. He got to know FITHERA from Medion field personnel and after trying it, he found it very suitable. “Initially I tried using FITHERA only in one cage, and compared it with others. As a result, cages that use FITHERA products at a dosage of 0.2 ml per kilogram of body weight or 1 ml per liter in drinking water can reduce the problem of coccidiosis. Finally I decided to use this product in all cages affected by coccidiosis,” he explained.

Apart from that, using FITHERA is simpler than selfmixed herbs. Giving FITHERA for 5 consecutive days in the cage can completely overcome coccidiosis without or in combination with other chemical medicines. “The appetite of chickens returns to normal so that weight gain and productivity become optimal,” said Gito.

According to Gito, FITHERA products are excellent and very effective. He hopes that FITHERA‘s quality will remain well maintained and can be improved. So that farmers still feel safe from various diseases that attack chickens, especially in the era after the ban on the use of AGP. “Not only that, I also feel very satisfied with the service provided so far from the Medion team, they are always fast and ready whenever I need it,” he explained.

Herbal Products to Treat Coccidiosis

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