Product Collaboration

In creating a collaboration that provides value for both partners, we provide toll manufacturing services with quality control at all stages of production as well as the use of global-based technology to produce high quality products.

Our production facilities are certified:

– Good Manufacturing Practice
– ISO 9001:2015
– ISO 14001:2015

Research Collaboration

We strive to push our achievement to its limit to satisfy the global needs of animal health products and services, in line with our role towards the well-being of society. For such a great responsibility, collaboration in a mutual beneficial partnership is the key factor, creating a strong network for mutual success.

Having hands on experience in conducting research and trials in various aspects of animal agriculture industry, Medion Animal Health is equipped with laboratories and BSL facilities in such fields as bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and pharmacology. This resources, alongside with our expertise, will make a great potentials for bringing values to animal health world. So far we have had several research collaboration as well as projects in the form of animal house rental and related diagnostic assays with other institutions in Indonesia and overseas.

Our Partners

Our partners include academic institutions, private companies, governments, and various communities. We are very open for interdisciplinary, interorganizational, and international collaboration as it will facilitate research advancement. Joining forces of different cultures, talents, and resources that eventually complement each other’s skill and technology will bring the best scientific outcomes, holistic solutions, and innovations for a better future.

Areas of Interest

Our focus of interest as well as our business-related expertise include but are not limited to:

a. Vaccine and pharmaceutical research and technology
b. Animal disease surveillance
c. Antimicrobial resistance
d. Biomolecular technology
e. Parasitic control
f. Animal pen rental
g. Animal health-related diagnostic assays