At the opening ceremony of Indo Livestock Expo & Forum 2023 at Grand City Convex, Surabaya, Indonesia, Medion, as a company that produces livestock health products, was honored with the Indo Livestock Innovation Award 2023. The event is organized by the Indonesian Livestock Development Foundation (YAPPI) in collaboration with Napindo Media Ashatama, and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. There were 42 participants who applied both universities, research institutions, government institutions, associations, and business actors who competed to get recognition for innovative work in award programs in the field of livestock and animal health.

The selection process for the award winners involved a series of stringent and independent assessments by a panel of judges comprising representatives from academic institutions, government bodies, and professional associations. The esteemed panel members included Prof. Dr. Ir. Erika B. Laconi, MS., Prof. Dr. Ir. Muladno, MSA., Prof. Dr. drh. C.A. Nidom, MS., Dr. Ir. Tri Prartono, M.Sc., and Dr. Ir. Riwantoro, MM. The selection process includes administrative screening followed by qualitative and quantitative desk reviews to shortlist 10 nominees determined the subsequent phase—field verification of the top 6 nominees. In the final stage, the panel of judges determined three outstanding winners to be honored with the Indo Livestock Innovation Award 2023.

Medion with a strong and reliable Product Development Team, answers the challenges in the livestock health industry by consistently innovating and creating high-quality products tailored to meet the needs of farmers. One of the innovations produced is Mediherba products, a series of quality herbal products made from selected natural herbal extracts with the right dosage through scientific studies, stability tests, strict quality control tests and guaranteed effectiveness because it has been proven by testing on target animals. Medion started developing herbal products in 2011, so far has produced 18 herbal products and will continue to innovate to develop other herbal products.

Through “FASBRO,” one of the Mediherba’s products, Medion was awarded the “Widhi Catha Satwa Nugraha.” FASBRO was deemed by the panel of judges to meet the criteria for innovative products, including novelty, Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI), implementation, and sustainability factors. In addition to internal testing, FASBRO’s efficacy in improving broiler chicken performance and reducing meat cholesterol levels was examined by the University of Diponegoro, Central Java, in 2019. Furthermore, Medion has been honored with several other awards, including the Most Herbal Medicine Manufacturer and Most Productive Domestic Manufacturer from BBPMSOH, as well as achieving the Blue Ranking in the Company Performance Rating Program for Environmental Management.

Peter Yan, as Commissioner of Medion, was present to receive the award and revealed the background of the creation of an innovative product, FASBRO. He highlighted that Indonesia has a variety of herbal plants that can be used to help increase livestock productivity. FASBRO contains herbal extracts that are proven to be useful for suppressing Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), increasing body weight and improving meat quality (more meat and lower cholesterol) so that it is beneficial for farmers and healthier for consumers.

Medion’s success in winning the Indo Livestock Innovation Award 2023 serves as a driving force to continue innovating and producing high-quality livestock health products that are beneficial to the Indonesian livestock industry now and in the future.

Medion Wins Indo Livestock Innovation Award 2023

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