30 Years Medivac

With more than 30 years of experience, Medion is committed to continuously innovating to create high-quality vaccines with the best manufacturing practices and the latest technology.

Adding Animal Health Research Center Facilities

Build facilities for research and development centers for various types of products related to the health of livestock and pets.

45 Tahun - Innovative & Holistic

Committed to provide, develop and introduce new product creations, services, solutions, distribution ranges and support systems, completely and comprehensively, from various aspects in all business sectors. So that Medion is able to provide added value and optimal contribution to all stakeholders.

Medion 45 Years Journey
Automatic Identification & Data Capture

Implementing a batch tracking system supported by Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology to ensure product quality.

Adding Laboratory & Animal Testing Facilities

Build modern laboratory facilities and test cages to support quality assurance and quality product innovation.

Newest Automated Vaccine Production Facility​

Using the latest automated production technology to meet the demand for vaccines in the global market.

Launching the "Mediherba" Brand

Producing herbal medicines under the Mediherba brand, its first products are Ammotrol and Kumavit.

Pharmaceutical Production Facilities

Updating pharmaceutical production facilities to improve product quality according to international standards.

Export To Africa

Exports to Africa, starting from Egypt followed by other countries in Africa

Build BSL-3 Laboratory Facilities

Having BSL-3 facilities for research and production laboratories to ensure product quality and safety for workers and the environment.

Export To Asia

Exports to Asia, Malaysia became the first export destination country and was followed by other countries in Asia.

First Medivac Product​

Producing Medivac vaccines, its first products are Medivac ND La Sota and Medivac ND Hitchner B1.

Third Production Site

Established a third production site to develop livestock equipment and vaccine products in Padalarang, Bandung.

Second Production Site

Established PT. Medion Farma Jaya in Babakan Ciparay, Bandung as the second production location.

First Product and Production Site

Producing coccidiosis drug, namely Sulfamix in the garage of the house, Bandung as the first product and production location.