In commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Gunung Sindur Veterinary Drug Quality Testing and Certification Center (BBPMSOH) organized a webinar titled “Encountering Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreaks (FMD) in Indonesia”. The event, held on August 18th, 2022, also coincided with the 37th anniversary of BBPMSOH. BBPMSOH not only provides education on FMD occurrences, but also offers awards to clients who utilize BBPMSOH testing services.

Penghargaan BBPMSOH, Bukti Kualitas Inovasi Medion

The webinar was attended by representatives from several regional livestock services, and veterinary pharmacy companies in Indonesia. As one of the representatives of veterinary pharmacies from BBPMSOH, Medion has received two awards: Best Customer Rank 1 category “Herbal Medicine Producer” and Best Customer Ranked 1st in the “Most Productive Domestic Producer” category. The award is government recognition of Medion’s contributions as a domestic animal health manufacturer that actively produces innovative, local products that meet the needs of farmers, such as herbal products. The award was given symbolically by the chairman of BBPMSOH, drh. Maidaswar, M.Si to Bambang Irawan and Aprilia Esty from Animal Health Regulatory Affairs Medion.

This award is a testament to Medion’s commitment to creating innovative and holistic breakthroughs in manufacturing quality products. Medion strives to further develop each product line to remain relevant to the needs of all domestic and foreign farmers.

BBPMSOH Award, Proof of Medion Innovation Quality

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