From May 20 to November 25, 2023, Medion successfully executed the Experiential Learning Program (ELP), a collaborative educational initiative conducted in partnership with several renowned universities in Indonesia. The primary objective of the program was to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of viral diseases in poultry, as well as insights into vaccines and vaccination practices through a blend of theoretical and practical approaches.

The educational content of this program focused on two main topics. Firstly, it delved into viral diseases affecting poultry, covering the identification and explanation of various viral diseases in poultry, prevention and management strategies, and the technical aspects of postmortem examination (necropsy) used in diagnosing poultry diseases. The second topic centered around vaccines and vaccination, encompassing the importance of vaccines, program development, success measurement, and vaccination practices. This year, ELP was implemented in eight universities, including Padjajaran University, Jendral Soedirman University, Brawijaya University, Hasanuddin University, Gajah Mada University, Airlangga University, Diponegoro University, and Sebelas Maret University.

A total of 872 students participated in Medion’s ELP. Based on participant feedback, the program received positive evaluations and was deemed highly beneficial. Throughout the activities, participants demonstrated enthusiasm and actively engaged in the program. They reported significant gains in knowledge and skills and expressed the hope that the ELP would continue to be implemented sustainably in the coming years.

Through the Experiential Learning Program, Medion aims to deliver positive impacts and added value to the academic community in Indonesia. By enhancing the quality of human resources in livestock farming and veterinary medicine, it is anticipated that these initiatives will serve as a cornerstone for the advancement of the Indonesian livestock industry in the future.

Medion Experiential Learning Program: Enhancing Knowledge and Skills of Students

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