Medoxy LA


Packaging : 100 mL


MEDOXY-LA is an injection preparation with special formulation that creates a sustained release system of antibiotic, resulting in sufficient concentration of drug in the blood for longer period by single administration. This will result in effective medication against diseases.

– Poultry:
CRD, coryza, fowl cholera, Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacterial infection resistant to Penicillin

– Ruminants (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep):
Mastitis, bacterial enteritis, pneumonia, arthritis, omphalitis, foot rot

– Swine:
Leptospirosis, erysipelas, piglets scours, bacterial enteritis, pneumonia

Inject intramuscularly (through flesh/muscle) for large livestock or subcutaneously (under the skin) for poultry.

– Poultry: 0.25 ml per kg body weight
– Large livestock (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, swine): 1 ml per 10 kg body weight

Do not inject MEDOXY-LA more than 20 ml for cow, 10 ml for swine and 5 ml for goat on the same body part. Inject MEDOXY-LA only for once. In a chronic case, injection may be repeated after 3 days

Medoxy LA


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