Sing a Song

make birds chirpy Indication, Dosage & Administration Sing a Song administered by dissolving itu into drinking water. Given in 3 consecutive days every week or if needed, can be continued for several days. Indication Small Bird Big Bird Make birds

Vita Plex-B

vitamin B complex caplet for health maintenance INDICATION Improve appetite and absorption of nutrition in digestive system. Promote health after recovery from illness and after administration of strong medicines. Enhance body resistance against diseases. DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Insert caplet into

Trimezyn-B (Plus)

medication for respiratory and digestive system infection Indication Respiratory tract infection (mucus is produced from mouth or nose, swollen face, sleepy, unspreaded wings, short-winded) Digestive tract infection (weak, watery droppings, swollen crop, lost appetite) DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Put caplet into

Pig Nox

feed supplement for stimulating growth of piglets, without antibiotic and prevent diarrhea in piglets COMPOSITIONEach kg contains: multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidant and growth promoter INDICATION• Stimulate growth of piglets• Prevent diarrhea in piglets DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATIONMix Pignox thoroughly in


vitamin, amino acid and mineral for pig INDICATION Complete vitamin, amino acid and mineral requirement in pig Improve growth of piglet, fertility and meat production Improve feed conversion thereby lowering feed cost DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Mix with feed homogeneously Dosage

Mineral Babi

minerals supplement for swine COMPOSITIONEach kg contains : Micro and macro minerals, vitamin B12 INDICATION• Stimulate growth of swines• Overcome anemia in swines or piglets• Increase appetites and enhances feed efficiency• Prevent paralysis in nursing sows DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION1 kg

Ferdex Plus

iron & vitamin B supplement for piglets INDICATION• For prevention and treatment of anemia in nursing piglets caused by insufficient supply  of iron from the cow’s milk• Growth enhancement and mortality reduction in piglets• Improvement of body resistance against infection

Ferdex 100

iron supplement for piglets INDICATION• For prevention and treatment of anemia in nursing piglets caused by lack iron, parasitic infection   or bleeding of piglets especially at the age of 3 days• To reduce mortality in piglets• Growth enhancement• Improvement


broad spectrum antibiotic for swine INDICATION• Bacterial scours (watery stools; black-colored, smelly faeces containing flecks of blood)• Pneumonia (respiratory rales, coughing, snoring)• Septicemia (fever, prostration, dyspnea, reduced appetites) DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATIONAdminister Sulpig 0.5 ml per kg of body weight on