Adequacy of nutrition in chickens has a major effect on productivity and is closely related to the work function of the digestive tract. The digestive tract that functions optimally is able to utilize rations through the digestion process and absorption of nutrients which leads to maximum livestock productivity.

There are many conditions that affect the digestive tract of chickens, one of which is a stress factor. If so, the chicken will be susceptible to various diseases. This is as felt by Abdul Jalil Bahar, manager of the “Rizky Layer” farm located in Bulotalangi Timur Village, East Bulango District, Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province.
Jalil said that his brother’s laying chicken farm, which has been around for 15 years, often has problems with stress due to heat stress, especially when the season changes.

“The problems we often face when the seasons change, especially during the summer. Perhaps due to heat stress that makes chickens vulnerable to stress. As a result, production decreases and is susceptible to various diseases, especially in the digestive tract, “said Jalil.

He was also worried when the season change arrived. “Sometimes the FCR (feed conversion ratio) is high, but the resulting production does not reach the target and can only reach 78-79%,” he explained.
From there, he was introduced to Optigrin through Medion personnel to solve the problem. Optigrin is a product made from natural ingredients (natural growth promoter) with phytobiotic content that is able to maintain the balance of microflora in the gut, improve performance, increase endurance in chickens and reduce mortality from disease.

“The first time we introduced to Optigrin, we were still in doubt because there were other similar products, but after using it on chickens it turned out to be good, so we feel it is suitable and it is still used today,” said Jalil.
The reason is because Jalil got very satisfying results after using Optigrin. “The result is that the body’s resistance to digestive diseases is better in addition to providing quality feed that can be absorbed by the chickens. This certainly helps improve the efficiency of feed use, “he said.
Another benefit that Jalil felt was that the purchase of medicines to treat illness had also decreased. “The healthy condition of chickens will certainly reduce drug purchases. Chicken performance also looks better. Production also increased by 4%. Until now, I am still satisfied because the results are good, “he concluded.

Optimal Digestive Tract, Maximum Production