Immunostimulants are able to increase the immune system in immunosuppressive conditions
so that chicken endurance is always optimal

Naltri Leosta was born to a family with a breeder background. Since childhood, he was used to helping his mother’s father take care of their layer chicken farm. He also aspires to continue his parents’ business. After completing high school, Naltri immediately went into the layer business. With the knowledge and experience gained from his parents, now Naltri has successfully developed his farm business. Every day, a farm named Bastari Group which is located in Lintau, West Sumatra sends its production eggs to Bengkulu. Especially for the health care of his chickens, Naltri entrusted him to Medion. “We have known Medion for a long time. Since my parents started their business around 1999. Until now, our farm has remained loyal to Medion products. Nearly 90% of animal health products on this farm use Medion products. As vaccines, drugs, supplements, and others, “said Naltri.

Herbal Supplements

     According to Naltri, Medion has a complete product range. Besides that the service is also good and fast. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic like today, product delivery remains smooth. Naltri always relies on Medion products. For example, when the chicken experiences a decrease in appetite which can reduce immunity, he provides an additional supplement, namely Imustim. Or when the chicken is recovering from illness, he also gives Imustim.

     Imustim is a liquid herbal supplement that acts as an immunostimulant. Immunostimulants are ingredients that can help improve the function of Immunostimulants are able to increase the immune system in immunosuppressive conditions, so that the immune system of chickens is always optimal. Usually, immunostimulants are also used in immunosuppressive conditions, such as stress conditions. Thus, through the provision of immunostimulants, the immunity or endurance of the chicken is always optimal.

    Imustim is formulated to stimulate the immune system, increase appetite and restore health. This product is safe to use for long-term use and can be given before and after vaccination and after administration of drugs or vitamins. Imustim is given 0.5 – 1 ml per 2 liters of drinking water for 3 consecutive days before and after the vaccination period so that the vaccination results are more optimal.

    “Chicken appetite seems to increase after being given Imustim. I am satisfied with the results and quality of this product. I have practiced it directly in the field. It’s not just theory. Alhamdulillah, the results have been satisfying so far, “he said.

    Naltri is very confident in Medion products. He admitted that he is not interested in replacing it with other similar products. “If I believe in a product, I will continue to use it. If the result is good, why change it again, ”he explained. He hopes Medion will continue to innovate and also continue to improve its quality and services. TROBOS / Adv

Herbal Supplements Increase Chicken Immunity