Besides biosecurity, vaccinations is the preventive measures against diseases. Coryza vaccine with “Hercules” adjuvant is able to increase the immune response and safe for the poultry. The “Hercules” vaccine become the latest generations of vaccines today.

Poultry health is the most important thing that needs to be noticed in the poultry industry. This needs to be done so the performance is well maintained. Prevention is one of the techniques to make poultry insusceptible to the disease. The thing that can be done is to do routine vaccination and maintain strict biosecurity. The main purpose of vaccinations is to provide the best protection against diseases. The success of vaccinations is supported by several factors, one of which is the quality of the vaccine. Good quality of vaccine is one that can stimulate an immune response. The addition of adjuvants in to vaccines can increase the immune response, both cellular and humoral. The choice of adjuvant needs to consider its safety, stability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Medion is committed to continuing to create innovative, high quality product, and provide the best service for Indonesian and worldwide poultry industry. In collaboration with Pacific GeneTech, a leading biotechnology company that was found in 2009, to develop the “Hercules” adjuvant which is designed so that the vaccine is able to increase immunity when given orally or nasally, also remain effective when given by injection.

One of the vaccine products with the “Hercules” adjuvant is the Coryza vaccine from Medion. Coryza vaccine with the “Hercules” is able to provide humoral immunity (B-lymphocytes) and cellular immunity (T-lymphocytes). So the combination with the Coryza vaccine using oil adjuvants will works synergistically in producing maximum protection, longer duration, and safer. This product will begin to be produced and distributed in Indonesia, then to the international market by Medion. This is supported by Medion’s experience, which has distributed its products to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Medion and Pacific GeneTech Develop “Hercules” Vaccine