Enhancing mycotoxin control through the implementation of proper feed raw materials stored practice, along with the use of high-quality premix.

Prevention is better than cure”. This is the phrase that Budi, the Manager of Farm at CV. Johson Farm in Bandung, firmly believes in. Located in the South of Bandung area of West Java, Indonesia, CV. Johson Farm is a commercial layer farm where Budi consistently implements preventive practices. His proactive approach has proven highly successful in averting disease outbreaks on the farm.

One prevention method that Budi consistently implements is addition of high-quality premix to the feed. Storing feed in a damp place can lead to mold growth, which, if consumed by chickens can result in immunosuppression. This condition makes chicken more susceptible to diseases and reduces the efficacy of vaccinations. Over the past year, Budi relied on FREETOX G, a premix product recommended by Medion’s Technical Sales team. After extensive observation and evaluation on his farm, Budi was highly impressed with the results. The use of FREETOX G significantly reduces both mortality and morbidity rates. In consequence, he made the decision to permanently switch to FREETOX G from Medion.

Fungi-contaminated feed endangers livestock health

FREETOX G is a premix product that combines silicate minerals and yeast cell wall to form a potent mycotoxin binder, particularly effective against aflatoxin produced by molds. Yeast cell wall serves a dual role by protecting the intestinal membrane and boosting the immune system. This product offers comprehensive defense against the mycotoxin and helps prevent liver damage.

Based on our observation, this product has demonstrated satisfying results. Prior to use FREETOX G, we experience high rates of mortality and morbidity. However, after implementing FREETOX G, the number of mortality in each month has significantly decreased, and even been nil. Previously, there were 30 deaths per month, now it has decreased to 5. We also compare it with several other products, and from what I have observed, FREETOX G consistently gives the best results” said Budi.

Mr. Budi, Manager of CV Johson Farm in Bandung

Budi consistently administers 1 kg of FREETOX G per 1 ton of feed to his production-age-chickens. An additional advantage highlighted by Budi is the convenient packaging of FREETOX G, which comes in 1 kg portions. This eliminates the need for weighing and simplifies the administration process. In contrast, other products are typically packaged in sacks, requiring an additional weighing process before use.

To ensure the quality of feed and optimize poultry performance, Budi does not solely rely on FREETOX G. He places significant emphasis on maintaining proper storage conditions for the feed raw materials, strictly adhering to the required standards. For instance, He diligently controls the humidity levels in the warehouse to prevent mold growth and the development of mycotoxins, which can cause diseases in the chickens. So far, his effort have been successful, as regular testing of mycotoxin concentrations consistently demonstrates compliance with the required standards.

In addition to FREETOX G, Budi relies on a diverse range of Medion products. “Nearly 99% of the products we use, including vaccines, medicines, premixes, and equipment, are from Medion. We are highly satisfied with the quality and services provided by Medion. The Medion teams are have been incredibly supportive, promptly assisting us whenever issues arise, regardless of the time or weather conditions.” he shared. Budi also expressed his hope that Medion will continue to develop and uphold their commitment to quality.

Quality Develops Customer Loyalty

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