On September 24th, 2022, Medion was visited by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. drh. Nuryani Zainuddin, M.Si as Director of Animal Health and Drs. H. Mohammad Arifin Soedjayana, M.M. as Head of the Food Security and Livestock Services of West Java. The visit took place at the Medion Cimareme factory in Padalarang, Bandung, This was done in conjunction with a review of the Animal Health Research Center (AHRC) facility which was inaugurated on May 10th, 2022, as well as a review of several other Medion export vaccine production facilities. Also present were Medion Founder Jonas Jahja and his wife, Amalia Jonas, Medion Commissioner Peter Yan and several representatives of Medion’s Top Management.

The visit included a plant tour of the Biological and Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory located in the AHRC building. Then continued with the screening of videos of the vaccine production process and plant tours to production facilities, quality control areas, and animal testing facilities. In addition, the group was invited to visit the manufacturing facility of the plastics department and observe the production process of vaccine packaging bottles.

Based on the results of the review, the Ministry of Agriculture team stated Medion’s to be exceptional and complete, from laboratories, testing and testing, quality control to manufacturing processes. The team was also impressed with the well-maintained and beautiful surroundings of the factory and would like to visit Medion on another occasion.

Medion Received Visit from Dirkeswan of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

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