On February 15, 2023, Medion again collaborate with Trobos magazine to provide online education at the Mimbar Trobos event. The event, which has held its 32nd edition, featured the topic of “Effectiveness of Herbs for Poultry Health.”

apt. Retnoningtyas., S. Farm. as a speaker from Pharmaceutical Product Management Medion, explained the various advantages of herbal plants that have been proven to benefit poultry health and how to choose quality herbs. She also explained the process carried out by Medion in manufacturing standardized herbal products, which is developing herbal products based on scientific research. The production process uses quality herbal raw materials and meets regulatory standards, namely CPOHB (Good Manufacturing Practices for Veterinary Drugs). Stringent quality control and various tests to ensure product quality and safety, and equipped with scientific evidence with in-vitro and/or in-vivo testing.

The event lasted for approximately 3 hours and was watched by 250 participants. These figures show the public’s interest and enthusiasm for using herbs for livestock health. Through the topic of Mimbar Trobos this time, it is hoped that breeders will no longer hesitate to use standardized herbal products, which have been proven to have many benefits for poultry health. Medion continues to innovate and develop standardized herbal products amidst the challenges of increasing the risk of antimicrobial resistance, also committed to staying relevant and producing the highest quality products to improve livestock health.

Medion Provides Education on the Benefits of Standardized Herbal Plants for Poultry Health

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