Herbal Product Completely Prevents Bacterial Disease Using antibiotics continuously can cause antimicrobial resistance and generate antibiotic residue in poultry meat and eggs. Therefore, standardized herbal products can be used as an alternative to produce a healthier foods derived from healthier meat and eggs for consumption.

Using herbal products as alternative medicine can provide many benefits for livestock health. Herbal products are used to reduce the usage of antibiotics or chemical based products in chickens.

Herbal products are known for containing many bioactive substances that are extracted from plants and can act as a supplement, antibacterial, antiparasite, or antiprotozoa

To maintain the quality of his layer farm, H. Asrul Saleh, the owner of Puncak Ternak KK, from Kulo District, Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi, has been using herbal products on his poultry farm. H. Asrul’s family began raising farm animals since 1989 with an ever-increasing number of animals in their farm. He said that the environment can be a challenge. The CRD, coryza, and colibacillosis diseases often infected his livestock.

“Those diseases often infect our livestock because of our farm is using an open house system, which causes our animals to be more exposed. The emergence of those diseases heavily depend on the climate and the surrounding environment. Back then, we often used chemical based medicines or antibiotics to treat the infection.” he explains.

Because the development of health sciences in animal husbandry increased and the usage of AGP had been prohibited by the government, H. Asrul avoided using of antibiotics due to prevent of antimicrobial resistance. Because of that, H. Asrul then consulted with Medion representative to prevent this problem.

“We were really helped by them because they recommended us to use herbal products from Medion to prevent and to manage the infectious diseases, and it turns out that they are as effective as chemical based medicines.” he said.

Since launching of FITHERA from Medion, H. Asrul switched over to FITHERA because its quality is assured, with definitive formulas containing standardized raw materials and it is supported by adequate in-vivo testing. FITHERA is containing herbal extracts that works by accelerating the healing process of livestock that have been infected by bacteria.

“It is also easy to use, with a dose of 0,4 ml per kg of body weight for 7 concecutive days for the treatment of CRD, coryza, and colibacillosis”

While using FITHERA, H. Asrul felt that FITHERA have been proven effective to accelerate the healing process of those diseases. Using other Medion products, since he started farming, also helps keeping his livestock healthy.

Based on his experience, FITHERA can support any medication given, restores the appetite of chickens and makes the productivity optimum again. There are also other benefits such as improve quality of eggs which are free from antibiotic residue, therefore they are safer and healthier to consume.

H. Asrul is also helped by how easy it is to obtain Medion products such as FITHERA. He always recommends FITHERA to his fellow farmers in Sidrap. “No one wants his livestock to be affected by disease. I hope Medion always release new high-quality products for our farm. Always doing an innovation for herbal products that are useful for Indonesian farmers.” he said.

Source : Majalah Poultry Indonesia, Februari 2021

Herbal Product Completely Prevents Bacterial Disease

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