Socorex Automatic Syringe (ASS) Volume 1-10 ml

Socorex Automatic Syringe (ASS)Socorex® is self refilling syringes with spring-loaded plunger that are designed for continuous precision injections.Simple conception, perfect balance, and ergonomic design provide for ease of use, operator comfort,and fatigue-free fieldwork Advantages:• Superior, long-lasting quality• Easy to use,

Mineral Feed Supplement S

minerals supplement for dairy cow and beef cattle COMPOSITIONEvery kg contains : micro and macro minerals  INDICATION• To enhance growth of beef cow and increase beef cow body weight• To increase milk production and to prevent embryonic mortality and paralysis

Kalsinat Inj

parenteral preparation for increasing calcium for cow and other livestock INDICATIONHypocalcaemia (lack of calcium) in large and small livestock with clinical signs: walking difficullty, incoordination of muscle, tremor and paralyzed DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATIONInject Kalsinat Inj intravenously or subcutaneously 1-1.5 ml


antibloat for cow, goat, sheep INDICATIONTo treat bloating (tympany) caused by excess gas formation in cow, goat and sheep rumen DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION• Cow, buffalo:  100 ml per 500 ml of water forcibly given via oral • Goat, sheep:  25 ml

Vita B-Plex Bolus

vitamin B complex for cattle Indication Cow, horse, sheep, goat, swine: Prevent and treat diseases caused by vitamin B complex deficiencies Increase appetite Improve metabolism so that can accelerate growth and increase milk production Help to accelerate recovery process from

Kututox Oral

for louses and worms Indication Poultry: eradicates ectoparacites such as mites, ticks / louses, and endoparacites (nematodes such as: Capillaria spp., Ascaridia spp., Heterakis gallinarum). Goat and sheep: – worms (mature and immature) in gastrointestinal : Cooperia spp., Haemonchus contortus,

Trimezyn Bolus

chemotherapeutic antibacterial INDICATION• Treating digestive tract infection• Treating respiratory tract infection• Protection against bacterial infection of the uterus (endometritis, metritis) DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION• Oral  : 1 bolus per 50-70 kg of body weight for 5 consecutive days• Intra uterine (post

Wormzol K

broad spectrum anthelmintic INDICATIONEradicate all stages of worms in the digestive and respiratory tract in sheep and goats• Nematodes (Haemonchus sp., Oesophagostomum sp., Bunostomum sp., Trichostrongylus  sp.,  Nematodirus  sp.,  Cooperia  sp.,  Capillaria  sp.,  Ostertagia  sp., Strongyloides sp.) in larvae and

Wormzol B

broad spectrum anthelmintic INDICATIONEliminate all stadium of worm in digestive and respiratory tract in cow and buffalo• Nematodes in egg, larvae and adult stage• Larvae and adult lung worm (Dictyocaulus sp., Muellerius sp.)• Adult tapeworm (Moniezia sp.)• Adult liver fluke (Fasciola sp.)

Wormectin Injection

anti ectoparasite and endoparasite INDICATIONCow, swine, sheep, dog, cat:• To treat worm infestation• To treat disease caused by external parasites (i.e., mite, louse, fleas and other insects) DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATIONInject subcutaneously (under the skin)• Cow:   1 ml per 50 kg