Business in poultry is a promising one due to the constant circulation of money within the industry. Nevertheless, this business comes with various challenges ranging from fluctuations in selling and feed prices, housing systems, disease outbreaks, to stress from recent extreme weather.

Running this business requires patience and perseverance. Such is demonstrated by the experience of Ali Akbar, who is a partner breeder from PT Inti Tani Satwa Kendari KL, at Laluyu Village, Konda District, Konawe Selatan Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.


Breeding broilers and layers has been Akbar’s main focus for decades. He has encountered various obstacles, especially now in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that seems never ending.

“This year it is a bit tough, especially for broiler chickens. Laying hens, especially for the Southeast Sulawesi region, are still rather stable, quite good and not too low in price. “For broilers, during the pandemic the price fell below COGS (Cost of Goods Sold),” said Akbar in an interview with Infovet.

In addition, having to factor in the distance between feed delivery and DOC also add to the challenges in his business. “In Southeast Sulawesi all the staple products are sent from Makassar, so DOC and Feed are usually late to arrive at my location. The distribution route is quite long as there is no nearby feed factory. All supplies are from Makassar and Surabaya. New feed takes 3-5 days to arrive at the location if DOC is about 28 hours away. This often causes stress for the chicken.” he explained.

These conditions have required him to be particularly attentive to his livestock which now has grown to tens of thousands in population. “Sometimes the chickens develop stress during transportation and they have also been exposed to heat stress. Moreover, I still use an open house, so heat stress is sometimes a factor that can reduce performance, for example, the uneven weight of broiler chickens. So we have to work harder on the upkeep of chickens aged 0-15 days before harvest, “said Akbar.

To mitigate this, he uses multivitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and herbs such as curcuma extract to reduce stress and increase appetite of chickens, or by administering infused water or a type of isotonic water at around 0-7 days of age. However, it is still difficult to achieve uniformity in broiler body weight.

He was then advised by Medion personnel to use FASBRO to pursue a uniform body weight of chickens. “After trial, it turns out the results are better. We use it on chickens that are at the age of 7-14 days to restore body weight. The administered dose depends on the body weight of the chicken. In addition, the FCR is also more ideal. Indeed, the effect is rather slow due to it being an herbal medicine, but the results meet standard body weight, “explained Akbar.

FASBRO is a good herbal supplement to help optimize FCR, increase appetite, and improve carcass quality in chickens.

“In addition, when 14-day-old chickens experience digestive disorders, FASBRO works fast in recovering health, especially since the side effects are relatively minimal. Apart from the initial maintenance, we also use FASBRO before harvesting around 23-28 days of age, “he said. After using FASBRO for more than a year, Akbar is very satisfied with the outcome.
“Chicken body weight can be maximized, efficiency is increased,  and not to mention, i get the bonus of body weight standard achievement from the core company as a partner. We have undergone eight periods using FASBRO and so far it is very satisfying, ”he concluded.

He also hopes that Medion’s product quality will continue to be maintained, so that they may help farmers in running their business.

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