Egg Stimulant Gold

Stimulating Egg Production

Packaging : 5g, 10 g, 50 g, 100 g, 250 g


EGG STIMULANT GOLD is water soluble powder containing multivitamins and probiotic, which is specifically formulated to support the performance of chickens during laying period

Antideficiency vitamins and helps to stimulate egg production

1 gram per 2 liters of drinking water:
– To increase egg production during the early laying period, administer daily for the first 4 weeks of the laying period
– To enhance recovery, prevent decline in egg production after illness and during stress due to vaccination, weather changes, house relocation etc., administer daily until normal production
– To improve and prolong egg production period of older chickens, administer daily until optimum Production

1 gram per 10 liters of drinking water :
– To maintain optimal egg production
– To improve feed quality
– To improve egg hatchability
– To reduce mortality in chicks production

Egg Stimulant Gold


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