treat wound and prevent myiasis

Packaging : 50 ml



DICODINE is a spray preparation that has insecticidal and larvicidal activity so that it can kill fly larvaes (screwworm) which can cause tissue damage and infection in wounds in the animal’s body (myasis). If the wound on the animal is left, wounds can be covered with flies and fly larvae (screwworms) will appear which can trigger the occurrence of flies myiasis. By spraying DICODINE on the wound, it will overcome the infection caused by fly larvaes and insects and accelerate wound healing.

Eradicate fly larvaes (screwworm) and treat wound or myiasis in cattle, pig, goat, sheep, dog, chicken, gamefowl and horse.

Clean the wound area, shake DICODINE and then spray it directly on the wound area in an upright position with a distance of 10 cm. Spray it evenly until wet. Administer once every 3-7 days until the wound is healed



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