Disinfectant to exterminate germs

Packaging : 60 ml, 120 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L



ANTISEP is an effective disinfectant containing iodine for eliminating germs in animal house. ANTISEP solution can also exterminate bacteria and fungi which exist in the crevices and on the floor of the keeping house.

Poultry: Pox lesions, wound and skin infection, to exterminate germs causing pathogenic diseases which can easily spread in keeping house
Cow: To rinse mammary prior to milking and to dip mammary after milking

– Apply directly on pox and other lesions, and on other external infections
– 3 ml per 2 liters of drinking water:  To prevent coryza during seasonal change,  to prevent transmission of diseases to healthy chickens in one keeping house, to exterminate germs causing ND, coryza, cholera, typhoid and pullorum
– 3 ml per 1 liter of water to spray on animal houses to kill germs and remove odors

– 10 ml per 100 ml of water to wash up mammary prior to milking
– 25 ml per 100 ml of water to dip mammary teat for 1 minute post milking



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