Inactivated emulsion vaccine against Newcastle disease (ND) and infectious bronchitis (IB) in poultry

Medivac ND-IB Emulsion
contains Newcastle disease (ND) virus of La Sota strain and infectious bronchitis (IB) virus of Massachusetts 41 strain. Virus is emulsified in mineral oil adjuvant. Each dose contains at least 50 PD50 ND virus and 2 neutralization index IB virus

Dosage and Administration
Inject to each chicken intramuscularly (through muscle) on thigh/breast or subcutaneously (under the skin)
  at the lower back of the neck
The dosage is 0.2 ml per young chicken or 0.5 ml per adult chicken
Medivac ND-IB Emulsion is given to chickens in combination with or which have been vaccinated  using ND & IB vaccine

Bottle of 250 and 500 ml

Registration Number
: KEMENTAN RI No. D 04032738 VTC
: MDI-55
: 059199

Medivac ND-IB Emulsion