Medivac ND-AI

Inactivated emulsion vaccine against Newcastle disease (ND) and avian influenza (AI) in poultry


Medivac ND-AI is used for preventing Newcastle disease (ND) and avian influenza (AI) to broilers, cocks, layers, and breeders.


  • Medivac ND-AI is applied by injection intramuscularly (through muscle) at thigh or breast, or subcutaneously (under the skin) at the lower back of the neck
  • The dosage is 0.2 ml per young bird or 0.5 ml per adult bird


  1. Do not use vaccine with cracked bottle or broken seal
  2. Vaccinate only healthy birds because infected ones can not achieve optimum antibody level
  3. Protect vaccine from heat and direct sunlight
  4. Upon opening, vaccine must be used immediately and consumed completely within 24 hours
  5. Automatic syringe that will be used for vaccination must be boiled first for 30 minutes (note : boiling time starts after the water starts to boil). Disassemble automatic syringe before boiling
  6. Before injection, adjust the vaccine temperature to room temperature ( 24 – 27°C) by holding the bottle in the palm until it does not feel cold. Shake the vaccine prior to and during vaccination
  7. Wash and disinfect hands as well as apparatus used after vaccination. Vaccine bottles, packages, and unused vaccine must be burnt, boiled or soaked in disinfectant for 30 minutes before disposal
  8. In order to evaluate successfulness of vaccination program, examination of antibody titer need to be conducted at 2-3 weeks post vaccination if using live vaccine, or at 3-4 weeks post vaccination if using inactivated vaccine
  9. If the vaccinator accidentally inject himself, he must seek medical treatment from a doctor immediately. Inform the doctor that the vaccine is emulsified in mineral oil


  • Store vaccine at 2 – 8°C, do not freeze
  • Expiry date is valid only if vaccine is stored at recommended temperature


500 ml

For veterinary use only

Under licensed veterinarian prescription

Medivac ND-AI

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