Medivac, Quality Vaccine
Medion manufactures poultry vaccines – Medivac since 1993. Through our commitment to adhere strictly to the best manufacturing practice in products manufacturing processes, Medion guarantee the supply of superior qualitys products. Stringent quality controls are done at all levels, from raw materials to finished products using sophisticated equipment and the latest technology.

Medion utilizes SPF eggs to produce vaccines in order to ensure the products are free from pathogenic microorganisms contamination that cause the poultry diseases. All vaccines must pass various laboratory test such as vacuum, sterility, purity, safety and potency, and also field trials on live animals. Medivac Quality Standard conform to USDA, European and British Pharmacopoeia, ASEAN Standard and Indonesia Animal Health Pharmacopoeia.

Medivac, Experience for Perfection
Medivac is a quality vaccines resulting from over 25 years experience. Available in various packaging sizes with a wide range of poultry diseases type.

  • Live vaccine, with a tremendous number of selected live attenuated strains
  • Killed vaccine, with a complete range of inactivated oil-emulsion and suspension vaccines

Due to the nature of vaccine product that sensitive to heat or freeze, Medion applies cold chain management in every process. Cold chain is a system that created in order to assure that the quality of the vaccine that are used at end customer are having the same quality when it produced at manufacturing facility. Temperature are maintained constant between 2°C-8°C.

Medion thrives to continually innovate to meet customers’ need and commitment to satisfied customers. Medivac are widely used and acknowledged internationally. It’s quality has been proven by farmers in Asia, Africa and Europe. Medion is actively expanding its presence to more countries in the coming years.