In order to increase production capacity, develop new products, and fulfill production facilities according to regulations, on May 7th 2024, Medion inaugurated a new building for the Bacterial Production facility located in Cimareme, Padalarang, Bandung. The building, which was built according to GMP requirements, also added a production machine, namely Fermenter, in arrange to increase capacity and support new production lines, to be specific enzyme and probiotics.

The inauguration was marked by a ribbon cutting by Jonas Jahja and Amalia Jonas as Medion founders and Melina Jonas as Medion Biological Product Director. Attended by more than 50 people including the Board of Directors, Top Management, and Medion project team. Then, the event continued with remarks from the Project Leader and Project Coordinator, participants were invited to a plant tour of building facilities, ended with cutting tumpeng and eating together.

Medion also added two new features to this building. First, it is equipped with a building management system to pull up to date data related to the main production parameters and utilities (water, steam, compressed air, and others). Second, there are fermenters with more up to date features that accommodate the needs of bacterial, enzyme and probiotic products.


Medion hopes that through this Bacterial Production Building, it can produce innovative products so that it can answer the health needs of livestock in Indonesia. Supported by a commitment to develop ideas and innovations so that they can benefit the company and the wider community.


Medion Inaugurates Bacterial Production Building

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