Brooder was designed to warm up chicks (DOC) and other animals. It uses Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as its fuel and produces infrared beam that creates heat

Fuel efficient
Stable and focused heat
Equipped with safety device to prevent fire
Easy operation
Complete spare parts
Free lifetime services

Dimension                  : 46,5 x 34 x 23,5 cm
Chicken capacity        : 750-1000 chicks
Gas consumption        : 128-225 grams of LPG/hour (regulator is set from min to max scale)
  or equivalent to  ± 13 – 23 hours when using 3 kg gas canister*
  *Assume: farmer use a new 3 kg LPG and connected only to one unit of IGM
Used hanging about ± 100 cm above the ground and forming an angle of 15o, facing the enclosure point
  to be heated

Infrared Gas Brooder Medion (IGM)