As we enter the early stages of 2024, farmers are confronted with the phenomenon of escalating poultry feed prices coupled with varying quality. According to records from the National Food Agency (Bapanas), corn stands out as one of the commodities experiencing an increase of over 10 percent from the highest retail price (HET) or reference selling price (HAP). This situation results in losses, particularly for small-scale farmers, as the selling prices of chickens and eggs fail to match the production costs incurred.

This circumstance has spurred Medion to provide education and strategies for addressing the surge in poultry feed prices through the 42nd Trobos Forum, focusing on the topic of “Optimizing Poultry Feed Nutrition.” The event took place on Monday, January 29, 2024, via live streaming on YouTube and Zoom, featuring Imam Wahyudi, S.Pt (Technical Education & Consultation at Medion) as the keynote speaker.

The chosen topic is closely related to the current conditions faced by farmers, explaining the significant turnout with over 200 participants in attendance. Furthermore, participants actively engaged in the question-and-answer session.

During the presentation by Imam Wahyudi, it was emphasized that the quality trend of corn as poultry feed often falls below standards, particularly in terms of low metabolic energy content. The key to optimizing nutrition lies in the quality of raw materials, precise formulation, and maintaining digestive system health. One approach involves the use of alternative raw materials supplemented with ProzymeFreetox G, and Optigrin to maximize nutritional benefits. When utilizing alternative raw materials, certain considerations need to be observed:

1. Thoroughly study the details of the alternative raw materials to be used.
2. Ensure a balanced formulation.
3. Implement gradual incorporation/application.
4. Apply to chickens that have already passed their peak.
5. Combine various alternative ingredients.
6. Continuous monitoring and evaluation.

There is a fervent hope that Medion’s educational contributions will assist farmers in navigating the current challenges. Additionally, farmers are encouraged to disseminate this information widely, creating added value for all stakeholders involved.

Commencing the Year 2024, Medion Share a Strategy to Optimize Poultry Feed Nutrition

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