complete, non-antibiotic, multivitamins preparation + electrolytes
(A + B-complex + C + D + E + K + electrolytes)

Enhance body immune system and prevent stress before and after vaccination, debeaking,
  due to house relocation, change of feed, during poor weather conditions and molting
Prevent vitamin deficiencies in chickens for optimum growth, egg production and feather growth
Accelerate recovery after illness and after administration of antibiotics

1 gram per 1 liter of drinking water, administered for 2 days before and after vaccination
1 gram per 2 liters of drinking water, administered for 7-10 consecutive days to prevent stress
   after house relocation, during poor weather conditions and change of feed; during growth abnormalities
   and decline in egg production as well as health recovery after illness

Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight

Box                        :   40 sachets @    5 g
                                  30 sachets @  10 g
Glass                     :     2 sachets @  50 g
Plastic container     :   10 sachets @  50 g
                                 10 sachets @ 100 g
Dos                       :   20 sachets @ 250 g 

For veterinary use only

Indonesia      : KEMENTAN RI No. D 0608985 PTS.2
Philippines    : VRI-07-3024
Vietnam        : 406-11/08-CN

Vita Stress

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