effective against CRD complex

CRD complex (coughing, snoring, cloudy swelling of air sac)
Colibacillosis (dyspnea, air sac, heart and liver covered by fibrinous membranes)
Coryza (cold, swollen face)
Fowl cholera (greenish droppings, dyspnea, swelling of wattle and comb)

0.1 ml per kg of body weight or 0.5 ml per liter of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days. If necessary, repeat at 7-10 days after treatment

Stop giving Neo Meditril 5 days before poultry is slaughtered for human consumption
Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight

Box           :  12 bottles     @      20    ml
                    12 bottles     @    100    ml
Bottle        :   1 bottle       @    250    ml
                      1 bottle       @       1    liter
Jerrycan    :  1 jerrycan  @       5    liters

For veterinary use only
Under licensed veterinarian prescription

Indonesia    : KEMENTAN RI No. D 1103766 PKC.1
Vietnam      : MDI-57

Neo Meditril