Freeze dried live vaccine against Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE) and Fowl Pox in poultry

Medivac AE-Pox
contains Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE) virus of Calnek 1143 strain and Fowl Pox virus of M-92 strain. The virus is produced in SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) eggs to ensure that the vaccine is free from pathogenic microorganism. Each dose contains at least 102.5 EID50 avian encephalomyelitis virus and 103.0 EID50 fowl pox virus

Medivac AE-Pox
is indicated for protection against avian encephalomyelitis (AE) and fowl pox in layers and breeders

• Medivac AE-Pox
of 1 dose per chicken may be administered through wing web
Before vaccination, injection needle must be boiled for 30 minutes
Dip the injection needle in vaccine solution until it is totally immersed
Pull the chicken’s wing, carefully inject the vaccine into thin part of the wing fold. Do not vaccinate any veins,
  bones or wing nerves
Prevent vaccine from contacting other parts of the chicken except the injection site

500 and 1,000 doses with diluent

For veterinary use only

KEMENTAN RI No. D 13094617 VTS

Medivac AE-Pox