wound treatment and myiasis prevention

Dicodine is a spray preparation which has insecticidal and larvacidal activity that can kill screwworm which can cause damage in the muscle tissue and infection in animal’s wound. If the animal’s wound is not treated, flies will crowd around the wound and the screwworm will appear, that will cause myiasis. By spraying Dicodine to the wound, will overcome the screwworm infection and accelerate the recovery process.


Eradicates screwworm and treat wound or myiasis of cows, swine, goats, sheep, dogs, chicken, fighting cocks, and horses.


Clean the wound, shake well Dicodine, then spray it to the well-cleansed wound in the upright position 10 cm from the wound thoroughly until wet. To be applied every 3-7 days until fully recovered.


Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight.


  • Keep out reach of children
  • Avoid spraying near eyes or nose
  • Avoid spraying near fire
  • To be stored under 500C temperature
  • Do not throw the empty can to fire or combustion place


Cardboard : 12 can @ 50ml

12 can @ 150 ml

Shake well before use

For veterinary use only

KEMENTAN RI No. D 13044514 PTC