Tube Feeder without Protector (TRA)
Feeder for adult chickens that are commonly used on the farm and suitable for all chickens type

The advantages:
Have wider diameter, so more chickens can eat together
Easy to clean

Dimension of plate               : Ø37 x 8 cm
Dimension of assembly        : Ø37 x 33,5 cm
Feed capacity                     : 8,3 kg
Chicken feeding capacity     : 35 – 65 chickens
Also suitable used for breeders
Must be hung

Note for TRA:
Feed capacity is the maximum capacity of each feeder
Chicken feeding capacity measured using broiler chickens, so it can accommodate more layer chickens
Capacity range of chickens adapted to age. The lowest number is for adult chickens,
  while the highest number is for younger chicks
Capacity of feeder is measured by weighting part of feed (using the CP 521 feed samples) for grower phase
Measurement is performed without compressing the feed into feeder

Tube Feeder-7 Kilograms (TRA 7K)