Nemasol Kaplet

Eliminate nematode to its larvae

Packaging : 10 caplets, 100 caplets, 300 caplets


NEMASOL KAPLET is a tablet effective for eliminating various types of nematodes in the intestines, lungs and throats of livestock such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, swine and poultry.

Eliminate nematodes in:
Ruminants (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep):
– Gastrointestinal tract (Haemonchus sp., Cooperia sp., Oesophagostomum sp., Strongyloides sp., etc.)
– Respiratory tract (Dictyocaulus sp.)

– Gastrointestinal tract (Ascaris suum)
– Respiratory tract (Metastrongylus sp.)

Poultry :
– Gastrointestinal tract (Ascaridia sp., Heterakis sp., Capilaria sp.)
– Respiratiory tract (Syngamus trachea)
– Eye (Oxyspirura mansonii)

Grind and mix well with drinking water or feed
– Large livestock (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, swine): 1 tablet per 50 kg of body weight
– Poultry: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight

Nemasol Kaplet


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