Germ Free

Effective against bacteria, fungus, Ichthyopthirius multifilis (White Spot) and other parasites

Packaging : 30 mL



GERM FREE is effective for new fish quarantine before mixing fish into the aquarium, treatment of White Spot, fungal infections, bacteria and other parasites.

– Quarantine new fish before putting the fish into aquarium or pond (soak for 8 hours), disinfect aquarium or pond (soak for 5 hours) : 1 drop/ 5 L of water or 3 ml/ 500 L of water
– Treatment of White Spot, fungus, bacterial and other parasitic infection : 1 drop/ 3 L of water or
3 ml/ 300 L of water, soak for 24 hours

• Attach dropper to bottle and put the cap back. Shake drug before use
• Transfer fish into clean-water aquarium and feed them after soaked
• For infection treatment, repeat the treatment for 3 – 5 times if needed


Germ Free


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