Egg is the source of animal protein that has a lot of benefits with affordable price. Moreover, its nutrition is required for human body. In pandemic situation, people are more concern about the important of animal protein, thus increasing the egg’s demand. Consequently, it become a challenge for farmers to provide sufficient and high quality of egg in order to accommodate food safety for consumer.



This situation become a challenge for Desak Made Ariati, SE., Par, to develop her layer farm. Pujung Sari KK, located in Bangli, Bali – Indonesia, is a farm owned by her parents since 90s. Ariati develops this farm without animal husbandry educational background.


I started to learn about animal husbandry in 2019, and of course I faced many difficulties, but through learning and discussion, I slowly understand the circumstances of this layer farm,” said Ariati.

The development of Pujung Sari KK deserves a thumb up, considering the outstanding improvement in last two years. Ariati told that in the past this farm only had thousand chickens, and then after a period of time, the chicken population is increasing. Today, a lot of farmer at Sukawana Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali – Indonesia, want to collaborate with Pujung Sari KK. “Now Sukawana Village become one of the layer farm center in Bali and has hundred of thousand chickens.” said Ariati.


During her farming experience, Ariati admitted that in the past her farm was frequently attacked by disease which was influenced by environment factors, such as outbreak from other farms and extreme weather at Sukawana Village. Hence, to control the disease, Ariati implemented strict biosecurity in her farm, and adding TOP MIX to chicken’s feed to increase imunnity. “Now we’ve used all of the Medion’s products for our laying chicken, such as vitamins, vaccines, premixes, medicines, and other products.”, said her.

TOP MIX is a top feed supplement to complete nutritional needs for Layer, Broiler, Breeder, and Chicks. It contains non-antibiotic growth promoter, 2 amino acids (methionine and lysine), 6 minerals, and 12 vitamins, which make TOP MIX as an effective premix product to increase growth and egg production.


Ariati has proven that TOP MIX can increase health status of her chicken and better egg production. Moreover, she realizes that the quality of eggs  are improved, such as : the shell is thicker and not easily cracked, the egg’s colour is more red, also yolk and albumin (white egg) are more viscous.

Due to had experienced high rate of mortality in her farm, now she decides to administer TOP MIX in early age. The administration is simple, only mix 2 – 4 kg in each ton of feed for adult chicken, and only administer a few of products for DOC. The result is quite impressing, DOC have good performance, stronger immunity, and more healthy. Beside that, it improves appetite of chicken, so it increase feed efficiency, and reduce feed cost.

Ariati admitted that she is very assisted with Medion’s personnel service who always actively help when needed. The information from Medion’s personnel is very useful to help her learning of poultry industry. Along with discussion with Medion’s personnel, she also discuss with farmer that always uses TOP MIX, they said that the product is excellent and suitable for their poultry. Until now, Ariati always recommends to use TOP MIX to other farmers in her region.

Good communication between farmer and Medion’s personnel is an added value for us to be loyal in using Medion’s products. We hope that more and more products will be developed by Medion, we are waiting for other Medion innovations,” she concluded.

Feed Supplement for Improving Egg’s Quality

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